Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flying Fur Balls from Heaven

I walked for over an hour and a half this morning at the park with Bodhi.  After everyone left the park, for the first time, I let him walk off-leash.  And it was wonderful.  If he would get ahead of me on the track, he would periodically check back to see where I was and wait for me.  If he started to go into the woods, I said “come back,” and he did!  It was amazing.  We both felt free and laughed and giggled.  It was... blissful!  After I got home and we were sitting on the front porch, cooling off, I felt GOOFY, actually.  I was inspired to write poetry!

As I sit on the front porch and watch the soft little puffballs of dog hair
float from our door mat into the morning breeze
and land gently in the trees and on the neighbors’ flowers,
I am reminded of the myriad of ways God has of making me smile.

I use the “poetry” term loosely, of course.  But in reality, the wonderful morning did make me realize and remember, God is the inventor of giggles!  And I think we’re meant to giggle a lot... like little kids!

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