Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is That Weird?

My dear friend Pam posted on Facebook that she saw a van in a parking lot that reminded of her mother, who had died a few years before.  Upon seeing it, she went back in time and wondered for a moment if her mother was okay, and asked if that was weird?

Some friends who’ve lost loved ones posted that they too have similar experiences.

I hear my Dad’s voice sometimes just like he’s talking in my ear.  A first I respond to him.  Tthen I “catch” myself and remember he died almost 3 years ago.  And then I catch myself again... and say, “Next time I’m going to stay with the feeling... the knowing... that he IS here with me.”  I’m sure all those we love are right next to us whenever we call them, and sometimes they do drop by to say hi.  It’s not the same as the physical presence we know, but the people we love and those who’ve loved us are never far away.  And there’s that part of our brain that KNOWS IT!!!  Thank you, God.

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog. I am sitting here crying after reading about your trip to the ER...and feeling like an ass. Because I was having a BAD doors frozen shut, flat tire, grouchy son...all minor things...and NOTHING compared to what some people are dealing with. Thank you for putting it into perspective for me. I also read "Is that Weird?" I agree, and thank God for letting it happen. My son's father died when he was 6, he wrote his dad a letter and fully expected to receive a reply. I had to explain that heaven doesn't have mail like we do...and Daddy might not be able to reply in the usual way. A few days later we were on our way to the dentist when he started yelling from the back seat, "Look, Mommy, look!" It was a dreary day and in the clouds was a smiley face which suddenly had the sun shining through it's eyes and mouth. He said, "That is my message from my daddy, he is okay." This is just one example of our 'connection' and I thank God every day, whether it is weird or not.=)